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About Navadia Groups Of Companies

Established in 1980, Our group of companies manufacure a broad range of advanced materials. As a world leader in the diverse markets it serves, Navadia Groups Of Companies is focused on delivering innovative and technology-based solutions while maintaining its commitment to safety and sustainability.

We focus on innovative and customized solutions with the support of technologists’ that results in the development of newer products with improved quality and meets the various demands of the customers. The teams’ efforts are to work on all possibilities with cost effective technologies which gives a new dimension to the area of Chemicals. We emphasizes on the eco friendly processes which comply with the industrial environmental specifications and standards. Our company stresses on the in-house developments of innovative products which are in line with our manufacturing standards. Ways to improve the standards of existing products always remain on the agenda.

We have dedicated to create open, honest partnerships with our customers, employees, and suppliers. These partnerships are based on utilizing the skills, talents and expertise of those involved, to benefit all.

Inorganic Chemicals

  • Manganese Carbonate

    (MnCO₃), is used as Animal feed supplement, To manufacture Ceramic Colours, Surface Treatment Chemicals.

  • Ammonium Sulphate

    (NH₄)₂SO₄,is an inorganic salt with is commercially used as a soil fertilizer.